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Customer Services
Can I order Spyder online?

Visit the Retailers section on this web site, where our retailers offer Spyder via the internet, or visit one of our retailers in your area, where you can see and try on the products in person.

Will you send me a catalog?

We think skiing around trees is more fun than cutting them down for paper. Therefore, we don't make a consumer catalog. You can view all of our products on this web site; just visit the Product section.

I am looking for a specific style, color, and size. Can you help me find what I want?

Browse the Product section of this site, and then click on the "Find this product" link to see whether or not a Spyder dealer in your area carries a specific product in your preferred color and size. Once you find a retailer, CALL FIRST to ask if they still have that piece in stock and if they will hold it for you. If a retailer nearby doesn't carry what you're looking for, ask them if they will special order that piece for you.

I love my jacket, and I want pants to match. How do I find matching apparel?

Spyder collections are divided into different categories, each with its own color palette, fabrics, and unique looks. Find the collection (Legend, Quest, Mission, etc.) that your piece belongs to in our Product section, and you'll find other styles to match that garment.

Can customers visit your office in Boulder, Colorado?

Sorry, we don't have a showroom or retail outlet at our location that is open to the public.

I tried to sell Spyder on eBay, and my auction was ended without my permission. What gives?

For information on eBay's VeRO program and our auction website policy, click here.

Does Spyder have an environmental policy?

Spyder recognizes that our collective athletic passions and livelihood are directly related to the health of the planet. In response, we've converted all of our Boulder-county properties to 100% wind power. We firmly believe that skiing around trees is more fun than cutting them down for catalogs, so we offer our consumer catalog on the 100% tree-free Internet. Spyder actively seeks alternative energies and materials, recycling opportunities and consumption control within its manufacturing and business practices, so we can be better stewards of our industry and of the Earth.

Warranties and Repair
What is Spyder's warranty policy?

Spyder offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship applicable on select products. Spyder warranties outerwear only, including outerwear jackets and outerwear pants. Spyder's warranty is only valid on items purchased through an Authorized Spyder Dealer to the original purchaser, and the purchaser must provide an original receipt for purchase.

Define "Limited Lifetime Warranty"

Limited Lifetime Warranty means that your garment will be free of manufacturer defects for a practical life span of the product - it does not mean the garment will last your lifetime. Lifetime of a product is determined by the amount and type of use plus care of the garment. All garments eventually show signs of wear, and wear-and-tear is not covered under Spyder's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What will Spyder do with my garment?

First we will determine if the garment is under warranty coverage. At Spyder's sole discretion we will first try to repair a warrantied item; if we can't repair the item we'll replace it at equal value. Repairs that are not covered under warranty will be repaired at the owner's expense. You'll be notified of this choice before we commence the repair process. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for repairs not covered under warranty. Be advised Spyder will repair to functional utility. Zippers, pulls, logos and snaps will be repaired or replaced to the best of our ability. We're good, but a repair often looks like a repair; for instance, Spyder uses custom colors and snaps and we may no longer have the original zipper color or snap design in stock. Spyder does not perform alterations.

What is NOT covered under Spyder's warranty?
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, incorrect laundering, or natural breakdown of colors and materials over time and usage
  • Items not covered under Spyder's warranty include race suits, bags/luggage, accessories, socks, gloves, hats, and layering pieces (sweaters, t-shirts, turtlenecks, baselayers, and fleece)
  • Pant legs slashed by your ski edges? Slap your tuner on the back and congratulate him on a sharp edge, but the cuts are not covered under our warranty
  • Goose down feather pull-through is normal and not warrantied
  • Natural UV fading of colors
  • Real or faux fur
  • Damage to water repellent coatings due to duct tape application, melting, or abrasion
  • Spyder does not warranty purchases through eBay, consumer resale sites such as Craig's List, or Outlet Stores
  • Counterfeit products
How do I return my garment for warranty evaluation?

Follow these steps:

  • Wash the garment. Government regulations require that all garments be cleaned before returning, or they will be cleaned at the customer's expense.
  • Bring the garment back to an authorized Spyder dealer to process the return for you. Remember to bring your receipt. They'll take it from there.
  • If you prefer to contact us directly, you'll need to call our Customer Service department for a Return Authorization (RA) number: 303-544-4000. It's helpful if you have your garment in hand when you call so we can help you locate the style number. Any return product that does not have a RA number will be refused.
  • Write the RA number clearly on the outside of the box, and ship the product to: SAS Warranty 14800 E. 35th Place Building #9, Suite 200 Aurora, CO 80011 Don't forget to include your name, telephone number and street address (no P.O. boxes) with the shipment.
How long does a warranty/repair order take?

Dependent on the time of year, there is a 3-week turnaround. Some repairs may take longer if we have to order material or parts.

Who pays for shipping on a return?

We'll split it; you pay for shipment to Spyder. We recommend you insure the shipment to Spyder; Spyder is not responsible for uninsured, lost, or stolen packages. We'll pay for shipment back to you via FedEx Ground service.

The Warranty Small Print
  • In Europe, Spyder offers a 2-year policy, and is subject to individual country's laws and regulations.
  • Within the US, rights under US warranty laws vary state-to-state.
  • In Canada, warranty rights may vary by province
Does Spyder make repairs?

If the repair is not covered under warranty, we'll be happy to repair it for you. There will be a reasonable cost involved, but we'll notify you first of any charges. Be advised repaired garment most likely will not appear brand new. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for repairs not covered under warranty. Note: the only things that last forever are death, taxes, and a love for skiing. If you've had your jacket for 10 years and a zipper broke, we suggest it's time to treat yourself to a new jacket.

How should I care for my Spyder apparel?

To wash, follow the care label on the inside of the garment. Zip all zippers prior to washing, and close all Velcro. To boost waterproofness, we recommend NIKWAX Tech Wash. Use caution around heat sources, including register heaters and fireplaces. Technical fabrics can melt, and this is not covered under our warranty policy.

Can I use a waterproofing product when I wash my skiwear?

Sure. We recommend NIKWAX TX Direct; visit for options and follow the package's instructions.

Can I get a replacement zip-off sleeve (goggle wipe, belt, etc) for my jacket?

Sorry, due to storage, production, and constantly progressing designs, we can't replace lost components.

How can I avoid buying a counterfeit Spyder garment?

If it feels like you got a deal too good to be true, you're probably right. You can avoid counterfeit products by purchasing from one of our authorized retailers, listed on

What can I do if I suspect I have a counterfeit Spyder garment?

We recommend that you return the product from where it was purchased and request a refund. You can assist us in the fight against counterfeiters by providing us with any information you have for the company who sold the product to you. Email information to

Why did your Warranty department return my jacket, saying it wasn't a genuine Spyder jacket?

Our goal is to protect and provide the highest quality product and service to our authorized retailers and consumers like you. We combat counterfeiting by only servicing garments purchased at an authorized dealer. We also scrutinize questionable garments for evidence that the garment is not authentic Spyder. Spyder Active Sports, our authorized retail partners and our global distributors are not able to service those who purchase from a non-authorized retailer. Counterfeit product is not covered under warranty.

What is Spyder doing to prevent counterfeiting?

Spyder Active Sports actively investigates the production of counterfeit products, and we are using our best efforts to prevent their production and sale. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is a widespread problem in the apparel business, and it is difficult to completely prevent unsuspecting customers from being deceived. We do everything within our power to shut down counterfeiting operations around the world.

Marketing and Sponsorship
I know that Spyder sponsors Julia Mancuso. Who else does Spyder sponsor?

Spyder is a proud sponsor of the US and Canadian Alpine Teams, pro freeskiers, and amateur regional athletes. Please look at the Athletes section on this site for more information.

How do I submit information for athlete or event sponsorship?

Send a proposal and resume/bio to the address below.

Spyder Sponsorship Department
4725 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80301

How did Spyder start, and where did the name come from?

In 1978, when his ski-racing sons Jake and Bill were 16 and 14, David Jacobs, president and founder of Spyder, became aware of their need for padded racing sweaters. With a little research, he discovered that an Italian company was the only manufacturer of such a sweater. Convinced he could make a better product, Jacobs designed and produced his own version. He sent a mailer announcing his product to 7,000 ski racers, and received an overwhelming response. The company name emerged when Jacobs' son Bill dubbed Jacob's first ski pants "spider pants" due to their striped padding that looked like spider legs. Visit our Company History page for more information.

Uniform and Industry Purchase Program
I am a ski instructor and would like to wear Spyder. Do you have an industry discount program?

Please contact your ski school or patrol director for information on Spyder's industry purchase program, offered to current snowsports instructors and patrollers.

Our resort wants to outfit our staff in Spyder. Where can I get more information?

Please email our Team & Corporate Sales for information.

Can we customize our uniforms with our team colors, and can we design the look?

Spyder gives you a wide variety of available colors, and you choose where they're placed on the uniform. We also give you options of styles in jackets, shells, and pants. Please email our Team & Corporate Sales for information.

What are minimums on custom team uniforms?

Ten pieces of the same style and color.

Product Questions
What type of fabric technology do you use?

Spyder has always been a leader in innovation and fabrics. We use the most advanced technologies available. Each product page includes details of the technologies behind that product.

There are snaps on a tab at the bottom of my jacket. What are these for?

You'll notice that there are loops on your pants at the same location as the jacket snaps. Snap the tabs around the loop on your pants, and you have an integrated system that works together as one piece. When you're inverted in the half pipe, your pants and jacket stay together!

The fabric on my Vail jacket is different from my Dare pants. Why?

Your jacket is from a different collection (Legend) than the pants (Quest). Each Spyder collection has its own materials, trims, styling, and color palette to give each line a distinctive look and feature set. To match exactly, find the collection that your piece belongs to in our Product section, and you'll find other styles to complement that garment.

I see that some of your products have "fully taped" seams, and some have "critical seams taped." What are you talking about?

We add a waterproof taping to cover stitch holes to ensure a dry experience. "Fully taped seams" means that all exposed seams on the garment are taped. In some cases, we tape only shoulder and arm holes on jackets and the front and back rise (crotch area) on pants. These are "critical" areas where snow and water usually land or pool first. We take care to construct non-taped seams in such a way that water and snow will roll off and not catch in the exposed end of a seam, what we call "shingling a seam." In short, we give you as much waterproof taping as needed without going overboard, as taping is expensive, time consuming, and does affect breathability in a fully-seamed jacket.

Why do the zippers in my pants have shiny, rubbery material over them?

These are waterproof zippers that enable you to stay dry.

There's a hole that goes from my inner chest pocket to the outside of the jacket. What is this hole for?

It's a microphone or earphone wire portal. You'll notice a secure pocket within your pocket to hold your electronic device (iPod, two-way radio, cell phone, etc.). Feed your wire through the hole and up to the microphone clip to hold it secure, closer to your mouth or ears.

What is "technical" apparel?

Technical apparel is clothing that is specifically designed to enhance an athletic experience. Its purpose is to keep the wearer dry, fit correctly for athletic movements or position, and have features that have a purpose for a specific sport. Fibers and materials are engineered to wick sweat away from the body, offer breathability and/or ventilation, and possibly be waterproof or water resistant.

Everyone says not to wear cotton next to my body when working out or on the mountain. Why?

Cotton has the wonderful ability to soak up sweat, but it does not dry quickly. Spending a day outside in cold weather with a wet shirt means getting chilled faster, feeling clammy and uncomfortable, and possibly chafing. Synthetic fiber materials will dry more quickly, helping you to regulate your temperature, and keeping you more comfortable. Many synthetics or blends are as soft as cotton, so give them a try. They're worth the money.

Is Spyder following safety rules and standards?

We sure are. All Spyder products displayed on this site are in compliance with 16 CFR 1610 (Standard for Flammability of Clothing Textiles). All Spyder children's garments displayed on this site have been tested in accordance (and found to be in compliance) with the ASTM Standard for Drawstrings in Children's Garments (ASTM F1816) and General Lead Standard (CPSIA Sec 101) Consumer Product Safety Commission laws and government regulations. For additional information, please send your request to

Human Resources
Do you offer internships?

There is no formal internship program at Spyder. If you are in the Boulder, Colorado area and would like to be considered for a school internship, contact our Human Resources Department. Determine whether you'd like to intern in our accounting, sales, marketing, development, or design department, and be sure to tell us your availability.

International Questions
Do you have a distributor in my country?

Contact our distributors, and they'll tell you where to find Spyder.

Who handles marketing outside of North America?

In Europe, please contact SPYDER EUROPE . View the Distributors page and contact the distributor in the appropriate country for guidance.

I want to return my jacket for warranty repair, and I live in Europe. Whom should I contact?

In Europe, please contact SPYDER EUROPE with your questions. For other countries, visit the International Distributors page. There you will find a full list of international distributors; contact the distributor in the appropriate country for guidance.

Production / Manufacturing
I work for a materials factory, and would like to show you our product. Whom should I contact?

Send information regarding your factory and goods to

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